West Roxbury Youths Earn Boston College High School Honors

High Honors

Gregory Gaillardetz 2015, David Eoin Harte 2015, John Doran 2016, Liam F. McDonough 2017 and Gaetano J. Ragusa 2017 of West Roxbury achieved High Honors for the Third Quarter at Boston College High School. For High Honors upper class-men need a 3.8 QPA and all grades '"C+" or higher. Freshmen need a 3.6 quality point average and all grades '"C+" or higher.


Sean F. McCarty 2015,Michael J. Fitzgerald 2016 and Samuel L, Walsh 2016 achieved Honors. For Honors a Soph., Jr.,Sr. must have at least a 3.20 quality point average and all grades '"C-" or higher.

Boston College High School is a Jesuit, Catholic, college-preparatory school for young men founded in 1863. The school enrolls approximately 1600 students from more than 100 communities in eastern Massachusetts.


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