Evening Garden Club of West Roxbury on How to Add 'Life' to Your Yard

The Evening Garden Club of West Roxbury will host a special meeting on Wednesday at the Elks Lodge in West Roxbury.

Credit: Evening Garden Club of West Roxbury
Credit: Evening Garden Club of West Roxbury

If you've got a garden in West Roxbury and want to add a little magic with the help of butterflies, hummingbirds or other natural wildlife, you're in luck. 

The Evening Garden Club of West Roxbury on Wednesday will hold an event focused on how to such creatures to one's yard. 

Residents from the area are invited to learn how to make their yards more hospitable to such creatures at the event, which will run from 7-9 p.m. on Wednesday, April 9 at the Elks Lodge at Morrell & Spring streets in West Roxbury. 

Suzanne Mahler, a gardner, photographer and newspaper columnist will speak at the event. The former president of the New England Daylily Society, Mahler is known for growing more than 600 daylily cultivars in her own garden in Hanover. 

To spread some insight, Mahler will share photographs of flowers and garden visitors, and also reveal a few stories on how she's made friends with nature, which comprises four things: providing good, shelter, water and reproductive areas. 

Admission for non-members is $5 at the door, which opens at 6:45 p.m. Wednesday. 

For more information, contact Ann Morgan at ann.morgan2@verizon.net or 617-957-0602, or visit the Evening Garden Club of West Roxbury's Facebook page.


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