Fun Preschool Trip to West Roxbury Fire Station & Real Deal Deli

Students were told by Centre Street firefighters about how eating healthy, doing well in school and being in shape, is important in becoming a firefighter.


Remember field trips? The students of the Children's Happy Day School recently visited the West Roxbury Fire Station on Centre Street. 

The Charles Park Road pre-kindergarten's curriculum has been focusing on community helpers, hence they visited the fire station.

"On our trip to the fire station we were greeted by firefighter Mike. Each child had a turn sitting in the driver seat of the truck. Many also had a turn to hold the hose," said teacher Jessica O'Neil. "Another firefighter put on all his gear, including his breathing mask. He told the children that although he might look a little scary, he is dressed that way to help. He was sure to stress to the children that if they saw someone dressed like him in their home, they should go to him and not be afraid."

The children were told to call 911 for help, and taught how to stop-drop-and-roll. O'Neil said the children were encouraged to ask their parents to show them where fireboxes are in their neighborhood.

"The children asked if there was a fire dog, but learned instead they have a cat named Two Sox," said O'Neil.

Several children asked how to become a firefighter. They were told it is important to be good listeners and do a good job at school because when you are older you take a test to become a firefighter. The Centre Street firefighters also said it's important to eat healthy and exercise because firefighters have to pass fitness tests!

And the firefighters need for speed and being in shape and alert were witnessed firsthand when Engine 30 received a call. Quickly, the firefighers got into their gear and took off in Engine 30. 

After visiting the fire station, the children were all hungry and headed to part two of their field trip - to Real Deal Deli! There the children were shown how to make pizzas, including one shaped like a heart!

"They were very gracious hosts with 14 3- and 4-year-olds running around! We took a quick trip to the Sugar bakery and were treated with chocolate chip cookies for dessert," added O'Neil. 

Susann Low December 13, 2012 at 11:38 AM
The West Roxbury fire station and the Area E-5 policestation tours are, without question, two of the BEST 'free' field trips that school children and/or Scouts can do that not only 'teaches', but stimulates young minds into thinking about not only their safety, but THEIR future career aspirations. In the 13 years we have done the fire station tour, our Cub Scouts met Two Sox the cat twice, but they were fleeting moments as Two Sox is a VERY busy fire station worker! It makes me smile wide to think about the interesting dinner conversation had by those Happy Day parents when their preschoolers arrived home after this field trip--these are days the kids never forget. Kudos to Engine 30 for making such memories for these little ones!


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