PHOTO: Young Coyote in the Arnold Arboretum

A runner captured this photo of what is, according to a park ranger, a juvenile coyote in need of learning to be afraid of people.


There's a young coyote living in the . The park ranger encourages residents who encounter the coyote to run at him, to help the animal learn to be afraid of people. That training will come in handy when the coyote is older and could eventually cause problems with people and children.

That's according to John, a friend of JP Patch who didn't want his last name used. John was running in the Arboretum late Friday afternoon when he saw this coyote, took the attached photo and discussed the encounter with a park ranger. John took the ranger's advice and did run at the little coyote, scaring him off.

Coyotes are a protected species in Massachusetts except during a five-month hunting and one-month trapping period each year, according to the . Here's what the animal protection group recommends to do if you encounter one:

Coyotes are usually afraid of humans but if you encounter one while hiking, etc. you should attempt to leave the area calmly (do not run) and make loud noises. If a coyote is in your yard, let the coyote know that it is not welcome by making loud noises (like banging pots and pans together), spray it with hose, toss tennis balls near the animal - you want to scare her away, not hurt her. And NEVER attempt to touch, tame or feed a wild animal. For more information on how to avoid conflicts with coyotes, see The Humane Society's coyote hazing guidelines.


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