POLL: How Do You Spell It? Lagrange or LaGrange Street

Should it be spelled with a capital G or not? Does it matter?

The street is one of the main fairways in West Roxbury. You can use it to cut over to Washington Street from Centre Street. The street itself has seen a growth of condos in recent years while some of the houses are older than many residents.

So how should it be spelled? There are two spellings of it that can be recognized throughout the neighborhood.

Lagrange? Or LaGrange Street?

And does it matter?

Dolores Burton November 11, 2011 at 12:45 PM
Lagrange was an 18th c. mathematician of Italian birth (where his name was spelled with a small "g"). Lagrange points are points in an orbit around the Earth, where an object can remain more or less stationary. The James Webb Telescope is slated to occupy one of these points and to observe even more than Hubble.


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