UPDATE: Irish Newspaper Writes of Gormley's Trip to Eire

The Westmeath Independent in Ireland provided a glimpse into Lord Mayor Richie Gormley's visit to Ireland.


Some have wondered about during the last couple of weeks... and we've got answers from the Irish newspaper - The Westmeath Independent.

Gormley told the newspaper:

"It's a lot quieter here. I live on a busy street with a lot of traffic back home. It's a good getaway.

It's got a fantastic view. You wouldn't get that in the States," he smiles before taking the Westmeath Independent from his modern house to the nearby ancestral home which he has lovingly restored from dereliction in recent years.

"I want to keep my own heritage alive. I've thatched my ancestral home and I've made it liveable. A lot of people come from the States and they prefer to stay in the old house rather than the new home," he enthuses, looking out over the traditional half-door, before pointing to the original open fireplace with crane which is still in working order.

For the rest of the article, click on the above link. 



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