Private Piano Lessons at the YMCA Prove Practice Makes Perfect

YMCA private piano lessons build a positive work ethic in children.

The offers a variety of activities for children and adults. 

But did you know that the Y offers piano lessons?

The private piano lessons, which are held once a week, range from $35 to $45, depending on the day it is held. Payment plans for weekly sessions are available too.

In just her second class, 7-year-old Zorely De La Rosa said, “I like the different sounds of the piano. It goes from a low pitch to a high pitch.”

Although it was just her second class, Zorely quickly took to the piano keys.

Her instructor, Sophia Yuria, 26, with a Master’s degree from  the Longy School of Music in Cambridge, does not just play and teach the keys of the piano, but she also sings along,  making the half-hour sessions fun and quick.

The 30-minute sessions consisted of Yuria showing her young protégé the proper posture when sitting in front of the piano, how to keep your eyes on the music instead of the keys, and eventually Yuria will teach Zorely how to write music of her own.

“I set standards in my lessons,” said Yuria. “I tell my students they must practice. This creates bonding between teacher and student. They practice to please me and end up practicing to please themselves.”

The minimum age requirement for piano lessons at the Y is 6-years-old. There is no age limit to learning how to play piano at the Y for all those who are interested.

As Zorely played and sang along to the song, “Step Right Up,” Yuria would more importantly help build encouragement while teaching.

“Build some confidence. There are no wrong notes,” Yuria said with her pleasing accent. “All is good.”

Yuria at the end of her lessons said, “Music to me is second nature. I come from a family of musicians.”

For Zorely, the pinao was not second nature, but she picked up the keys very quickly.

Zorely, with her tiny hands, struggled with keeping her fingers spread out on the correct keys. Yuria reassured her that everything was going well. She began to set the standards in her second class.

“You must practice for control,” she told the young student. “At home you must practice for 10 minutes. If you miss a night, you must practice for how many minutes?”

Zorely did the math in her head, and said “20 minutes. I have to practice for 20 minutes.”  

Visit  the YMCA's web site for information about the piano program. 


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