The Boston Strangler's Hold on One West Roxbury Family

'Stranglehood: In the Shadow of the Boston Strangler' is being screened on Sept. 24 at the Boston Film Festival - so decide for yourself if Albert DeSalvo really were the Strangler.


The Boston Strangler has had an odd grip on one West Roxbury family for years. 

Myles Jewell's documentary, which was executive produced by his uncle John DiNatale, of West Roxbury, created "Stranglehold: In the Shadow of the Boston Strangler" which will be screened at next week Boston's Film Festival. Jewell's grandfather, Phil DiNatale, a longtime West Roxbury resident, worked the infamous case of the Boston Strangler in the Boston Strangler Bureau.

A preview video of the 78-minute documentary is attached to this article.

Here is a synopsis of the film by Pennington Productions:

In the 1960’s, filmmaker Myles Jewell’s grandfather, Phil DiNatale, worked relentlessly as an investigator on the case of the Boston Strangler. But despite Phil’s meticulous investigative efforts, the case got caught in Boston's political crosshairs and was never officially solved. Now, fifty years later, Myles plunges headfirst into his grandfather’s immense homemade detective archive to reveal never-before-seen details about the Strangler investigation. Part historical film, part personal documentary, and part whodunit, STRANGLEHOLD tells the story of beat cop turned famed detective, Phil DiNatale, and the long-lasting effect his investigative legacy has had on his family for generations.

The film will be screened on Mon., Sept. 24, at 6:45 p.m. at the Stuart Street Playhouse. To purchase tickets in advance please visit here. The theater has limited seating so please purchase tickets ahead of time. 


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