Fabutique the Boutique Adds More Style to Spring Street

Marika Gaurenszky's Fabutique has jeans, sandals and more woman's wear.


One of West Roxbury's newest and most stylish businesses is . West Roxbury resident Marika Gaurenszky is the owner and runs the store with a fashionable dressing room.

Gaurenszky sat down with West Roxbury Patch and talked about sandals, skinny jeans and feather skirts.

Where are you from?

Gaurenszky: I live in West Roxbury, and grew up in West Roxbury and Roslindale. I went to Mt. St. Joseph Academy.

Why Fabutique?

Gaurenszky: I wanted to play on fabulous and boutique. I've been selling real estate for 17 years. This is my passion - clothing. I decided to open up a boutique, and opened up on (March 1). I started doing trunk shows during the past six months prior. I was going to people’s homes and selling clothing.

What is your fashion and boutique background?

Gaurenszky: Just that I like to shop. I sell real estate. I have a background in sales, and retail is something I always wanted to go into. I don’t really have a background in retail, except for my personal experience. 

So what’s "in" these days?

Gaurenszky: A lot of color. The skinny jeans. The colored skinny jeans seems to be the big love of people. The yoga wear – named Marika, coincidentally, is of good quality.

I have all types of things being switched up during seasons: rain boats, Havaianas flip-flops, bubble umbrellas. I want it to be unique finds that if you walk into the average store you won’t see them. I’m trying to find unique pieces.

My Jo Jo earrings are from an artist out of the South End.

What are the kids wearing?

Gaurenszky: The colored skinny jeans. I’ll be getting in Wax Jeans, which is a new thing. I cater to all sizes, extra small up to xxl.

What about the adults?

Gaurenszky: The skinny jeans, the bootcut jeans, rock revival jeans, bootcut is more on the older side. Sweaters, wraps, beach coverups are coming in with nicer weather.

I do not sell perfume. I sell nail polish. I'm changing up accessories and the travel section.

What is your favorite item?

Gaurenszky: I love all the pieces and hand-picked them out myself. I have a feather skirt that is very unique and cool and I think is a great piece. It's a littleover the top, but in a fun way.

What do you think of your Spring Street block being a fashion spot for West Roxbury? What should we call it?

Gaurenszky: I’m loving his whole Spring Street area. there wasn’t much of anything down here. It’s great to have a walk-to area and that it’s a womans shopping area. I've been getting lots of feedback from the area. People are excited about having something like this. It’s not consignment.

What is Fabutique's pricerange?

Gaurenszky: $20 on the low side, to a Gucci top for $250, but that's the only thing (that expensive). The average price is about $60. Jeans go up to $150 max.

Yogawear is $35 a piece for a top or bottom. 

What else would you like to say about fabutique?

Gaurenszky: Sometimes Norma Jean, a cock-a-poo, does stay behind the side. She's very friendly and cute. She has lots of outfits that she likes to change into. Lots of sweaters for the winter. I'm not at this point carrying dogwear. But I’m switching things up. It could happen, you never know.

Fabutique is located at 164 Spring Street in West Roxbury.


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