JPers Want West Roxbury Restaurants

Jamaica Plain residents mentioned several West Roxbury restaurants when asked what they would like to see on their part of Centre Street.


Imagine this, hip Jamaica Plainers pining for West Roxbury's eclectic array of restaurants. But it's true. 

When asked whether they would like a new Walgreen's pharmacy on Jamaica Plain's Centre Street, many Jamaica Plain Patch commenters suggested several West Roxbury restaurants as their preferences for vacant storefronts.

Patty wrote: "We do not need yet another pharmacy. A nice Italian restaurant sounds nice or Peruvian (Like Masona Grill)."

Yogasong wrote: "...a nice sit-down Chinese restaurant along the lines of Mandarin Gourmet in West Rox or one of the more authentic Chinatown sit-downs." Mandarin Gourmet is actually in Chestnut Hill, but located on the West Roxbury Parkway.

One of West Roxbury's favorite family restaurants also got a shoutout.

Hillary wrote: "No clothing store is going to be able to compete with Goodwill and Boomerangs unless it's a chain like the Gap, which no one wants. An independent clothing store would be high-priced and fail within six months. I would be thrilled to see local chain Comella's (Italian food) open a location on Centre Street."

So there's a couple of thoughts and questions here:

  • Jamaica Plain people do not want a Walgreen's, possibly want a nice sitdown Chinese food restaurant
  • The West Roxbury restaurant scene has done a complete 180 in the last decade, so much that it's the envy of other local neighborhoods
  • What neighboring restaurants from Roslindale, Jamaica Plain, or Hyde Park, would you like to see come to West Roxbury?

Leave your comments below? And West Roxbury already has one Walgreen's, and a couple other pharmacies. We're all set on those, right?


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