Local Chiropractor Opens Office in West Roxbury

Dr. Michelle Starr opened her own practice on VFW Parkway.

Dr. Michelle Starr .  Credit: Tony Catinella
Dr. Michelle Starr . Credit: Tony Catinella

Dr. Michelle Starr used to serve drinks to West Roxbury residents, now she is helping them with their nervous systems and bodies.

The Norwood native recently opened her own Chiropractor office, “Starr Chiropractic” on 1524 VFW Parkway in West Roxbury and is no stranger to the neighborhood.

Her grandparents are from West Roxbury and before she became a license doctor she was a bartender at a local business.

Despite her local roots, Dr. Starr studied to become a chiropractor down south at the Life University in  Marietta, GA.  When she returned back north, she moved right into West Roxbury because she enjoyed the neighborhood.

“What I like about West Roxbury is the community feel in the more urban setting,” she said.  “Everything  I’ve experienced in living here and growing up in the area is that people do look after each other and care about their neighbors.”

Now, as a licensed chiropractor, she focuses on caring for her neighbors for a living.

Starr said she offers integrity, consistency and results.  As a chiropractor, she removes interferences from her patients’  nervous systems in order to communicate the wisdom of the brain to the body so that they can achieve full health.

My vision is to elevate the standard of health that we expect in the community and to get the people in being proactive now," she said. 

Starr’s patients are colicky babies, children with ear infections and asthma, teenagers with muscular skeletal complaints, and people of all ages with back pain, headaches, and those who have overcome depression and anxiety.  

Starr said she builds strong relationships with them and refuses to treat them like a number. 

“I am fully committed,” Starr said. “There are two things at stake, your health and my reputation.  Nobody gets treated like a number.  I take the time to really get to the root of the problem so that we can be consistent with creating change in the body to heal it and get the results that the individual wants.”

Patients can contact Starr Chiropractic at (617) 697-9976.


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