Panelists Wanted for West Roxbury YMCA's Teen Internship Round Table

Students are participating in an eight-week internship program and will hear from a panel of business owners.


The West Roxbury YMCA is looking for business adults to participate in a Teen Internship Round Table.

The round table is scheduled for Wed., March 20, from 6 to 8:30 p.m. or so. The only requirement from the panelists is to prepare a brief history on themselves, their business and how they got where they are. The end portion of the program will be for questions from the teens.

"The eight-week internship program offered at the West Roxbury YMCA is important because teens are being sent to the work force younger these days and with no tools in their arsenal," said Rebecca Peluso, West Roxbury Teen Director at the West Roxbury YMCA. "With the trainings and round tables offered through the internship the community teens are able to learn professionalism in the workplace, how to build a resume and how to run a successful business. It is essential that our community businesses support this program to show that the teens are important to them and that they are supported."

A new internship session will also start this spring. Financial assistance is available. Cost is $40 to cover CPR and First Aid Certification.

Contact Peluso at 857-547-1332 if you are interested in being a panel member.


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