Poll: What is the Best Package Store in West Roxbury?

A package store, a packy, liquor store, wines and spirits - what's the best place to buy alcohol in the neighborhood?


This week's West Roxbury Patch's Readers' Choice Poll is - what is the best package store in West Roxbury?

Some people call them liquor stores, some people call them package stores, and some folks call them packies. 

There are several respected options spread out through the neighborhood. The first three mentioned in this article offer more variety and options than the other two.

has its own events room, offers seminars, wine classes, and the famous .

 on the VFW Parkway is run by the affable Gary Park, and also offers a fine selection of wine, beer, apertifs and the more.

has been well-situated on Centre Street for years and has a loyal customer base. 

services its West Roxbury-Dedham border neighborhood well. While across the street is the , which sells Greek and other international wine and beer options, to compliment the market's food, and has also started to hold wine tastings.

So let us know your preferred package store through voting, and in the comments section.

We'll leave the poll up all week then close voting at 9 a.m. on Friday. At noon that day, we'll share your top local pick.

In the meantime, you can always go to our Patch Places page and search for local businesses by category, or write reviews and recommendations.

WestieMom May 17, 2012 at 10:13 PM
Blanchard's always has what I am looking for! I also recently enjoyed their wine tasting evening. Also, a shout out to Macy's, it's convenient and the staff is always helpful!
Kristin May 18, 2012 at 12:50 AM
My vote is for Blanchard's. I love their wine tasting!!! The staff is always helpful and pleasant.
Hans Paap May 18, 2012 at 01:23 AM
Blanchard's! Always plenty of parking, super friendly staff, good specials and everyday prices. I've been working my way through their beer case since before thanksgiving and still not close to being finished. Love this place.
Zach paap May 18, 2012 at 03:23 AM
Blanchards for sure! Far and away much better. They offer so much have tasting with knowledgable staff and they are all very helpful!!
Zach paap May 18, 2012 at 03:24 AM
Reject Zach paap 11:23 pm on Thursday, May 17, 2012 Blanchards for sure! Far and away much better. They offer so much have tasting with knowledgable staff and they are all very helpful!!


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