Q&A: Real Deal Deli Owner Dishes On New Restaurant Coming

Eric Battite says the stuffed French toast is his favorite item on the menu.

The Real Deal Deli's owner Eric Battite dished out on his favorite dish at the popular deli on Centre Street, what it's like to own multiple restaurants, and announced his newest restaurant.

Patch: What's your favorite item at The Real Deal Deli?

Battite: All of the paninis. Recently we have switched the bread we use for those to a Rosemary/olive oil foccacia that is light and crispy on the outside and airy and soft in the middle. A great new addition to our bread line. But if I had to chose I would say The Cuban - my MVP.

Patch: How has the Real Deal Deli changed through the years?

Battite: We are always looking to improve on our quality and our customer service. We are starting to create seasonal items to keep our customers coming back. Times have changed and I think we are all working a bit harder to keep our customers coming back. This month we launched a loyalty rewards program for our customers, earning points on every dollar they spend with us. We are happy to give back to our loyal customers. They have earned it.

Patch: The Real Deal Deli are known for its gangster wraps - what's the most popular one?

Battite: Lucky Luciano. It happens to be my son’s favorite as well.

Patch: How many food establishments do you own?

Battite: The company consists of two Real Deal’s and a third being launched in Spring 2013 in Cleveland Circle. We have Sugar Bakery and Sugar Baking Co. & Restaurant.

Patch: What made you want to open Sugar Baking Co. & Restaurant in Roslindale?

Battite: Three things: Making breads for all the Real Deals. I could expand my bakery product line in the retail store, but most of all create a successful restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, brunch and now dinner. I call it my science project and I love it.

Patch: How has been running more of a sit-down restaurant, with beer/wine, and dinner - been different than the Real Deal?

Battite: A lot more staff, time, preparation and creating a buzz to get people through the doors. Definitely more of a challenge, but I’m getting the hang of it now.

Patch: I hear Sugar Baking Co. & Restaurant are hosting some wine dinner nights. Talk about those, and how do people buy tickets?

Battite: We hosted our first wine dinner and it was amazing! Four courses and four wines with two sommeliers. It’s real easy to purchase tickets. You can go onto our website and with the just a few clicks you're in. We encourage you to sign up ASAP to guarantee you a spot. You can see the wine dinner promo on Patch.com or our Facebook page.

Patch: What's your favorite item on Sugar Baking Co. & Restaurant's menu?

Battite: No brainer! The stuffed French toast on our company Challah bread.

Patch: If you're staying home at night, what do you eat?

Battite: I make my own whole wheat thin crust pizza with ground Italian sausage and hot cherry peppers. My mouth is watering thinking about it. Texture, sweetness, and heat. OMG - whole wheat pizza is on the Real Deal’s radar as well!


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