Seek Books Closing, Holds 'Going out of Business' Sale

Customers can receive a 25-percent off discount prior to the store's closing.

The inside of Seek Books.
The inside of Seek Books.

After nearly five years in business, Seek Books in West Roxbury is closing its doors. 

Owner Brad Kinne announced the move recently on Facebook with an open letter to customers

"I need three times the business that I'm currently getting in order to keep the place afloat, and if that has not happened in almost five years, it's not going to now," Kinne wrote in the letter. "So I don't need a 'tide me over.'"

Kinne added, "Opening a bookstore was a life-long dream of mine, however I knew going into this endeavor that I was opening during a recession and when book stores were going the way of the Dodo, so this is not totally unexpected. I had the funds to operate for the time I've been open, but that income ended in December."

The business itself, he wrote, is for sale, including the name, all book inventory, the website and "various and sundry other things, but NOT the location," which he said is one of the reasons he will be closing. 

Kinne also thanked customers for providing support and saying hello to Asimov, his all-white cat who also doubles as the shop's mascot, keeping customers, as well as Kinne, company at all times. 

"Asimov has loved the people coming to pet him, babysitting people's kids and being a source of comfort for people who were traveling and missed their cat at home," he wrote. "He was always up for attention. He never did understand by people were not coming in when the store was closed, as he could see them through the door, and vice versa."

The shop is open until 6 p.m. on Sunday and is currently having a "Going out of Business" sale of 25 percent off all items in the store. Customers can also buy three books of the store's choice.

Kinne said once the store closes, he plans to move to New Mexico to retire.

One West Roxbury Patch reader has weighed in with thoughts on the store's closing.


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