Seek Books Owner Issues Final Farewell Prior to Closing

Credit: File Photo
Credit: File Photo

Brad Kinne, owner of Seek Books on Centre Street, issued a final goodbye to his patrons and followers on Monday as he prepares to close doors for good. 

Earlier this year, Kinne announced that the store would close after nearly five years in business. The business itself is for sale, including the name, book inventory and the website. 

Kinne, who plans to move to New Mexico for retirement, issued the following note to his Facebook followers on Monday as he prepares to close doors: 

Well folks, today ends Seek Books reign. We are one month of 5 years from opening.

I've had a lot of fun creating the kind of Book Store that I would drive 2 hours to get to. I made it Retro, a Museum and a place to find those treasures that people have been looking for. I know that feeling, as I haunted used book stores since the 60's compiling this inventory.

It's always been a thrill to hear a "woohoo another one off the list" from the aisles and I've had a blast talking with so many knowledgeable, intelligent and most of all committed fans. Knowing that I've put books in good homes is priceless.

I wish I could have stayed open longer, but unfortunately (at least in this case) it's no longer the 60's and who could have predicted the internet and the demise of used book stores? Well science fiction authors of course!!! As much as I love the genre and tolerate the interwebs, I told a friend who was getting into computers back in the 70's "they'll never go anywhere."

I'm not sure if the reality is better than the fantasy but as one of my favorite t-shirts reads "Reality is for those who can't handle Science Fiction."

Whatever the turn of events, book stores have to be Destinations. Neighborhoods, even ones with lots of foot traffic, won't support them alone. Frankly if 100 different people had spent $10 every weekend, I would not be packing up.

That means it's you, the book lovers, responsibility to make a valiant effort to do that with the ones that remain. We've lost 3 in a five mile radius this year alone.

Anyway, this last weekend has allowed me the chance to hear a lot of positive feedback from my long standing customers and to hear the laments of many who just found the place only to discover the bad news.

Thanks for the memories. Cherish books, and encourage reading.

Brad, Brad and Asimov


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