Snowman Naming Contest at Wicked Sharp + Prize

A five-foot tall snowman on Centre Street?! What should his name be? And how come there's no Mrs. Snowman??


No, you were not hallucinating this past weekend when you saw a snowman on Centre Street.

"We are at it again! This guy is almost 5 feet tall!" said JP Bedard, owner of Wicked Sharp Ski & Sports.

But the snowman doesn't have a name - yet.

Said Bedard, "The Snowman has arrived! We will be having a contest to name our snow man who comes out every Saturday during our winter season."

His season debut was September 1.

"Come down for a visit and hit us with some clever names!" said Bedard. "You can also email your cleverness to snowman@wickedsharp.com. The winner will receive a gift card to iScream Works!"



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