The Real Deal Wins Readers' Choice Best Sandwich in West Roxbury

The Real Deal Deli ran away with the sandwich competition getting more than 50% of the vote.


The ran away this week's Best of Patch Readers' Choice poll - asking ?

The Real Deal ate up 53 of the 102 total votes like one of the deli's filling sandwiches, and took home 51% of the vote.

Coming in a distant second was the with 12 total votes, or 11% of the vote; and got 11 votes for 10% of the total vote.

There will also several good write-in options, including and deli counter. So don't forget about those two places the next time you want a good sandwich.

On Monday, the Patch Readers' Choice poll will ask you - where do you go in West Roxbury to have your taxes done in the last minute?


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