West Roxbury Businesses Are Helping to Save the Irish Social Club of Boston

West Roxbury businesses are selling admission and raffle tickets for Club's Sept. 24 fundraiser.

As the campaign to save the  revs into high gear ahead of the Club's September 24 fundraiser, several local businesses and organizations have been helping to prepare for the event.

"The old saying 'Many hands make light work' applies here," said Richard Archer, treasurer of Save the Irish Social Club of Boston.

A number of local businesses are selling tickets for admission to the fundraiser, while some are also selling raffle tickets that will be drawn at the event.

"These businesses are very important as the local people can drop into the business nearest to them and pick up tickets," Archer said. "They also get the word out on the fundraiser."

is one of these businesses (see a full list at the end of this article). Aside from selling tickets, said co-owner Aaron Thompson, the shop has also been attending the Club's weekly meetings and are prepared to volunteer in any capacity they need to on the day of the event and leading up to it. 

"We focus a lot on community," said Thompson. "[The Club] is a staple in Boston and New England...It's a communuty affair and something we felt we should be involved in."

West Roxbury resident Kathleen Adams, who has taken on a leadership role alongside her husband Brendan in keeping the Club alive, said Wicked Sharp has been particularly helpful, though she's been thankful for all the support throughout the neighborhood.

"I think they realize we're right down the street and by us doing well they'll do well too," Adams said. "It's just a way of keeping the community alive."

The event's raffles will have a taste of local business as well. The fundraiser will feature two separate raffles. One raffle's tickets cost $1 and will be drawn for prizes like a set of golf clubs that Wicked Sharp plans to provide. The other raffle's tickets are selling for $100 and will have three prizes.

The first prize winner will win round-trip airfare to Ireland itself (donated by Crystal Travel and Delta Airlines) along with accommodations at a country cottage (owned and donated by Richard Gormley of ). The winner will also get a seven-day car rental.

Archer also mentioned that the Irish musical acts set to play at the event are all donating their time.

Also, , several local unions have offered to help repair the Club pro bono. The Club  because of the expected cost of these repairs in comparison to then-dwindling membership. Since, two membership drives have been held, bringing in over 300 new members. There have also been weekly meetings at the Club (Thursdays at 7 p.m.) about the fundraiser.

Local politicians have also been instrumental in keeping the Club open. Archer mentioned specifically the office of Senator Mike Rush, D-West Roxbury, and City Councilor Matt O'Malley, as well as Representative Ed Coppinger, D-West Roxbury, who has been helping to organize the fundraiser. Archer also said that a number of individuals have either provided or promised donations in the hopes of seeing "the Club survive and indeed flourish."

In the effort to keep one of West Roxbury's institutions alive, it has taken and will continue to require many hands, as Archer said. How great it is then, if not surprising, that those hands are coming from the neighborhood itself.


Tickets for admission and/or raffle tickets for the Sept. 24 fundraiser either are or will be for sale at the following West Roxbury locations:

  • Wicked Sharp Ski & Sports Shop
  • (Sept. 9-10)
  •  (Sept. 16-17)
  • (Sept. 17)
  • (Dates TBD)


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