West Roxbury Y CDC Grant to Fund Senior Programming

Grant to help fund CDC’s Moving For Better Balance Falls Prevention Program.


The is one of three Massachusetts Ys to receive CDC funding to add “Moving For Better Balance, Falls Prevention Program” to their existing Active Older Adults offerings.

While current programming focuses on helping older adults better their flexibility and strength, this balance program will greatly enhance the overall offerings that the Y brings to the community.

More than 25% of the residents of West Roxbury are older than 60, according to City of Boston statistics. Active Older Adults programming at the West Roxbury Y provides the elder community with strength and flexibility classes, as well as welcome social opportunities. 

The Moving For Better Balance Program is based on the practice of Tai Chi. In a study conducted by the CDC in Oregon, seniors who took part in the Moving For Better Balance Program had “fewer falls and fewer fall injuries, and their risk of falling was decreased 55 percent,” vs. seniors who took part in a stretching program. 


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