10 Random Facts About Chucky Bruen

The man, the myth, the legend - Charles Andrew Bruen Jr.


Tonight at 7 p.m. the for the first unofficial mayor of West Roxbury, , will occur starting at the .

Gormley wasn't the only nominee. There were nine original nominees, including West Roxbury's very-own - Chucky Bruen. 

Chucky spoke to West Roxbury Patch.com and provided 10, and a couple more, random facts about himself.  

1) Chucky Bruen spells it Chucky with a 'y' because his father was Chuck. His full name is Charles Andrew Bruen Jr.

2) Chucky Bruen has lived in West Roxbury for more than 40 years 

3) Chucky Bruen's favorite place to eat in West Roxbury is the Corrib Pub and he prefers the steak tips 

4) Chucky Bruen's parish is  

5) Chucky Bruen's dream trip would be Disney World with the kids 

6) Chucky Bruen is a member of the West Roxbury Elks, Irish Social Club and Mozart Parent Site Council 

7) Chucky Bruen says he always hold signs on Election Day "to stay connected with the local politics. And I love West Roxbury like I love my family. I love this neighborhood."

8) Chucky Bruen's favorite musician of all-time is Elvis Presley

9) Chucky Bruen is retired from working for the MBTA

10) Chucky Bruen's happiest moments in life were the birth of his two children 


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