Mayor's Office: West Roxbury Hit Harder Than Much of City During Sandy

Many of West Roxbury's trees were damaged during Monday's storm.


Numbers released from the Mayor's office Tuesday morning show that West Roxbury residents called more times than any other neighborhood, but one from Monday's storm.

Citywide, 610 calls came in for trees with Dorchester hit the hardest, followed by West Roxbury and Roxbury, a mayor's office spokeswoman said. 

West Roxbury often gets hit hard when there are storms due to higher elevations like around the Bellevue Hill area.

But all West Roxbury residents should have their power back - including the more than , said a spokesperson. And roads are being cleaned up, like the VFW Parkway, which had to be closed after a tree fell across the road at LaGrange Street.

Unlike West Roxbury, the more urban areas were okay, "Beacon Hill and Back Bay fared very well compared to the rest of the city," a spokeswoman for the mayor told Patch today. 

Of the 1,065 reports the office fielded from across the city, 13 were from Beacon Hill. Eleven of those concerned downed or broken trees and one was about a downed electrical wire. 

The numbers reflect the number of calls, not the number of incidents. In other words, there could be several calls about one incident. 

"Trees and downed wires were the two most reported because it was really a wind rather than a rain issue," the spokeswoman said.

Citywide, 610 calls came in for trees. Dorchester was the hardest hit, followed by West Roxbury and Roxbury, the spokeswoman said.  

Although up to 2 percent of Boston was without power last night, NSTAR was quick to respond and as of 8 a.m. Tuesday it reported that 181 Boston households, or .65 percent of its Boston customers, remained without power. 


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