This December: One of the Least Snowy on Record

The National Weather Service says there have only been a few snowless Decembers -- and the last one was in 1973.

This December will likely go down as one of the least snowy in history, according to the National Weather Service

A barely-visible trace of snow has been reported since the start of the month in the Boston area. The National Weather Service told the Globe that's only happened five times before in recorded weather history and the last time was 1973. 

It seems like a natural coda to an unseasonably warm fall -- ranked as one of warmest on record by the National Weather Service. Similarly, December is running about over 5 degrees above normal, the Globe reports.

For the record, the Farmer's Almanac has predicted a mild, wet -- not snowy -- winter in New England. But the forecast for the rest of this week does have a chance of snow on Thursday night into Friday morning, only if the temperatures drop low enough. 



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