West Roxbury Cancer Survivors Support Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong admitted to doping throughout of his Tour de France wins, but that doesn't mean he still isn't a cancer survivor.


Lance Armstrong finally admitted that he used illegal drugs to help him win a record number of Tour de Frances. And while he is a cheater, he has founded the Livestrong organization that has helped many cancer survivors at the West Roxbury YMCA.

“Lance Armstrong first and foremost, as far as this foundation goes, is a cancer survivor,” said Janice O’Connor, the West Roxbury YMCA's Health and Wellness Director to WBZ-TV. “The foundation is still going strong. It’s still helping people. Livestrong at the YMCA, here at the West Roxbury YMCA, we will continue to run this program. We stand by it. It’s a wonderful, wonderful program.”

Read more here at CBS-WBZ.


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