10 Random Facts about Mary Mulvey Jacobson

Mary Mulvey Jacobson, an official nominee for the unofficial mayor of West Roxbury poll, talks college, pigeons and engagement rings.


On Friday, March 30th of the year 2012, the most amazing event will occur - the West Roxbury Patch first-ever inauguration of the unofficial mayor of West Roxbury - ! 

Mary Mulvey Jacobson placed a strong second with 2,032 votes (32%) to the .

Mary sat down with West Roxbury Patch and shared some random facts about herself.

1) Mary's favorite prominent figure in history is Edward R. Murrow

2) Mary's nickname in college was Pigeon, because she had a t-shirt that said “Keep Your City Clean, Eat A Pigeon”

3) Mary went to Regis College; and has been her class' president since 1980

4) Mary's favorite present is, "My engagement ring from my deceased husband." She wanted a Celtic-influenced ring with three stones and found one at House of Leslie in West Roxbury

5) Mary lives in Jamaica Plain, and grew up on the border of Jamaica Plain and West Roxbury; All three of her brothers graduated from CM

6) Mary's parish is St. Thomas Aquinas in JP

7) Mary's dream trip would be to go to Ireland and continue traveling in Europe 

8) Mary is the president of the ; President of the Board of Ethos; and on the steering committee for

9) Mary is vice chair of the board of the ; and co-state chair of the Massachusetts Beirut Memorial

10) Mary's one wish would be for security

Elizabeth Mulvey March 23, 2012 at 07:53 PM
Love you, Mary!!
Melinda Ballard March 23, 2012 at 08:18 PM
If Mary came in a strong second, the person who came in first must be Mother Theresa! There's no other explanation. There is no finer a human being, no better an advocate for those with little or no voice, and no greater a friend than Mary. Atta Girl!
David Ertischek March 23, 2012 at 09:32 PM
Hello Melinda, Mary is awesome! I have really gotten to see firsthand how wonderful and hardworking Mary is during the planning of the upcoming event... Lord Mayor Richie Gormley is a good guy, but Mother Theresa isn't the first person I would compare him to. David


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