5 Most Popular Articles for West Roxbury in 2012 So Far

There was one article took hold of West Roxbury in the first half of 2012 - do you remember which one?


2012 is halfway done so let's take a look back at what stories have grabbed West Roxbury readers so far (based upon Patch statistics).

  1.  Maybe you heard about this one? After 4.5 days of voting, and 6,254 votes cast, . For his inauguration Gormley received (and organized) a parade, and Patch threw him a big party - as well as the nine other nominees. Also, the event raised $10,000 for community charities chosen by the nominees.
  2.  On June 20, Donovan Bartee crashed his motorcycle about 200 yards after leaving his work on the VFW Parkway around 7 p.m. He passed on shortly later in the evening.
  3.  You can blame the modern age of the internet and search engines for this article coming in third. Do you think West Roxbury residents kept on clicking and clicking to know if a groundhog saw his shadow? Me neither.
  4.  The hacker group, Anonymous, shut down the Boston Police Department's website. After a couple of days, BPD got the site up and running and even made an amusing video that taunts Anonymous - and includes a KRS-One song.
  5.  Columnist Anna Rubin and her daughter, Emily, love the reality series "Cake Boss" and got to take a class with the show's cast at Carlo's Bakery in Hoboken, NJ. Thank you for sharing your heartfelt mother-daughter event with us, Anna!


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