St. T's Cub Scouts Answer: 'What Do You Like Best About Being a Cub Scout?'

Lifelong friendships, adventures, visting West Point Academy - are just some of the cool things Cub Scouts enjoy. Sign up for the Holy Name or St. Theresa's packs on Tuesday.


Cub Scout sign-ups for Holy Name Pack 3 and St. Theresa’s Pack 5 Scouts are tomorrow. Fifth-grader Justin and Jacob, 3rd grade, are brothers who attend St. Theresa's, and their mother, Lucy Rivas, volunteers as a Cub Scout Den leader - and they answered some questions about why they like Cub Scouts.

What do you like best about Cub Scouts?

Jacob: What I liked best about Cub Scouting is being able to have fun and be a part of many adventures with my friends in a fun way without pressure to do things I don't enjoy. All the activities are fun and I put all the values that my parents teach me in use.

I especially enjoyed our big trip to West Point Academy because I hope one day I can go there and become an officer and serve our country the way my three cousins have.

Justin: What I like best about being a Cub Scout is that I have been able to build friendships that I hope I keep for the rest of my life. We learn from each other at every meeting. The things that we learn here are very helful to continue to shape us into the respectful and kind young man we want to be. I like that in the den meetings I don't have to feel like I can't do an activity because of the guidance and encouragement of my den leader.

The big trip that I enjoyed the most was when we went to Mashantucket Pequot Museum because I got to see how the Pequot people lived. It reminder me of how Tainos and Mayans also lived. My parents are from Puerto Rico and Guatemala and have mentioned that the way the Tainos and Mayans lived was similar to the Pequot.

Lucy: As a parent I loved that our children learn to be good citizens, develop respectful relationships, gain personal achievement, spiritual growth and are prepared to be Boy Scouts.


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