10 Random Facts About Olivia Waishek

Olivia Waishek, a nominee to be the unofficial mayor of West Roxbury, has been the president of the West Roxbury Civic & Improvement Association for an unprecedented 19 years.


John F. Kennedy's presidential election, The Night James Brown Saved Boston, and Larry Bird's 60-point game - all incredible moments in Boston history. This Friday, get ready to add another moment on Boston's historical timeline.

The Patch.com-sponsored inauguration of , will take place at the from 7 to 11 p.m. Scheduled appearances include, and are not limited to: Boston Mayor Thomas Menino, US Sen. Scott Brown, State Sen. Mike Rush, and State Rep. Ed Coppinger. 

Gormley was elected by West Roxbury Patch readers, in a heated field of 10 very-varied nominees across the West Roxbury community spectrum.

Unofficial mayor of West Roxbury nominee Olivia Waishek has had a distinguished public service career with a list of impressive accomplishments that grow by the year. Waishek provided 10, and thensome, random facts about herself.

You can read , , and  by clicking on their names in this sentence.

Onto Olivia's answers:

1. Olivia Waishek has lived in West Roxbury since 1963 

2. Olivia Waishek was named a Zoning Commissioner for the Boston Redevelopment Authority and was appointed by Boston Mayor Thomas Menino in 2011

3. Olivia Waishek has been a member of the for at least 45 years, and she has been the president of the association for an unprecedented 19 years  

4.  Olivia Waishek's favorite place to eat in West Roxbury is

5. Olivia Waishek has been an active member of the American Arabic Benevolent Association for 11 years, and the president for four years

6. Olivia Waishek "cannot pinpoint one specific time" as the happiest moment of her life. "Since I have never had children of my own, the births of my three nieces, three nephews, four grandnieces and two grandnephews were the happiest moments I remember. In addition, I coached two babies into the world and that in itself were memories to cherish. In addition, when my last grandnephew and grandniece were born, I traveled to the Middle East along with their parents, to bring them home." 

7. Olivia Waishek graduated from the Boston School of Business Education 

8. Olivia Waishek speaks English and a little Arabic 

9. Olivia Waishek's favorite Bostonian of all-time is Dr. Eugene F. McDonough, Jr. "Dr. McDonough, Jr. was our family doctor for many, many years. He tended to my aged father, brothers, sister-in-law, sister, brother-in-law and myself.  His dedication to his patience epitomized the word 'doctor'. I know that he gave up notoriety as being a specialist in 'breast cancer' when the world had not yet been awakened to the devastation of the disease.  His father, Dr. Eugene F. McDonough, Sr. was also a doctor. He passed away leaving a large general practice of mostly the elderly. Instead of McDonough, Jr. turning over his father's practice to another, he himself took it on. Thus, abandoning any dream he had of prominence in specializing in breast cancer diagnosis and surgery. When Betty Ford was struck with the disease McDonough, Jr. who was associated with Sloan-Kittering at that time, was called in for consultation. His dedication, compassion and unselfishness warrants him to be my favorite Bostonian." 

10. Olivia Waishek's dream trip was thought of years ago, "Since I was a little girl, my dream has been to travel to every country in this world. To date, I have traveled but not enough to fulfill my dream." 

mary topjian March 30, 2012 at 12:15 AM
Way to go Auntie...We are so very proud of you...Mary, Chip, James & Olivia..xoxo
Marie Waishek March 30, 2012 at 01:31 AM
Aunty Olivia, you're a very busy lady! This is a very impressive resume! I love you, love Marie <3
doreen waishek April 01, 2012 at 11:24 PM
Way to Go Aunty "O" !!! You should run for the next Mayor of Boston Your #1 Niece XO


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