Another Bank Coming... Which One Do You Use in West Roxbury?

TD Bank is coming to Centre Street, joining 14 other banks in West Roxbury.


There are a lot of banks and financial institutions in West Roxbury, and TD Bank is coming soon to Centre Street.

Banks don't make great storefronts, but just as , president of the West Roxbury Business and Professional Association, said,  for them so it is a good sign of strength."

So West Roxbury has money, at least enough money for a 15th bank to be opening up on Centre Street. TD Bank leveled the old Zoots building to make way for a new bank at the corner of Maple and Centre streets (see attached pics).

Said Jacobson about TD Bank coming to the neighborhood, "I’m happy to see them in. They’re a good quality bank and dealing with the people from TD have been nothing but helpful."

Zoots also found another location, at Willow Street, in the Roche Bros plaza, said Jacobson.

With another bank coming will you be switching your alliance to the TD Bank, as in the TD Bank Garden, where our beloved Boston Celtics play? Or will you be staying put at your bank? Maybe you've got accounts at different institutions. Or maybe you just stuff your money under your mattress.

Which bank, or banks, do you use, or not use, and why?

tony diaz May 24, 2012 at 02:54 PM
this town is wayyyy to uptight , no one else sees this as an issue? town has a sky high opiate problem, and more and more bank robberies on the rise and this is a good idea? how about some programs to help some people? the neighborhood is a living breathing facade, its a deception. how about some local businesses , and thing but another uptight-stuffy bank...
james marcucci May 24, 2012 at 04:18 PM
Its wonderful to see that zoots dry cleaners moved to the corner of willow and centre st in the roche bros plaza! Its always nice to see a local family owned business keep its doors open.
Joe Murphy May 24, 2012 at 05:08 PM
This is incredibly sad....If this were to be a restraunt, or maybe a growing family needing an add on, they would be dragged through the mud with neighborhood meetings, meetings with the BRA, WRICA, and the W.R. neighborhood association. I live up the street. Why were abutters not informed. This town is slowly becoming a disgrace, and I have lived here 40 years. People I work with laugh at us for allowing this to continue. Why don't you USELESS NEIGHBORHOOD GROUPS put yourselves to good use and stop these people for ruining our quality of life, instead of you trying to keep ours from getting better. Awful, awful, awful.....shame on you. Whomever allowed this to continue, as they all have in the passed by slipping through the back door, should be publicly outed as the ones who favor a sterile, nonusable business district. *Correction....WEST ROXBURY FINANCIAL DISTRICT
Paula Mooney May 24, 2012 at 06:06 PM
I am totally disgusted. Why bother "polling" residents on what WE would like to see in OUR neighborhood? Why do we join Neighborhood Associations? West Roxbury residents have absolutely no recourse. "Our" downtown area has no character, no personality, nothing to offer but banking services and manicures. I am well aware that the landlords are to blame for prohibiting us from having a nice "neighborly" downtown are. Why don't those people "in the know" share the name(s) of said landlord(s) and the residents can join forces and address them directly?!? Yes, as previously mentioned, we now live in the West Roxbury Financial District.
Matt May 24, 2012 at 06:14 PM
From the look of it (see above article) our Councilor’s were preoccupied celebrating Virginia’s Birthday. P.S. No offence Virginia (at 100 I highly doubted you use a computer), Happy Birthday. But to be serious for a second, why are these people being paid with taxpayer money? I was under the impression it was to act on behalf of the community as a strong voice and to provide us with representation. HACKS. The position of District Councilor need to be done away with (or at least the current occupant of the position), when his (O’Malley) whole term has been spent fight for a Dog Park and the installation of speed bumps I think we all need to reflect and ask ourselves; “Do we really need these bums to represent us?” And its not going to get better, when O’Malley moves on a young and up and coming Hack named Chis Carol (He is glued to O’Malley’s Hip, you may have seen him around. He’s the Mayor of Roslindale) will run ready to serve Mumbles and his politico dynasty.


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