Editor's Notebook: Brown and Warren Campaign Offices Yards Away in West Roxbury

This past Saturday, US Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren, opened her campaign office on Spring Street.


The following photo was sent to me by a supporter of US Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren, from this past Saturday's grand opening of her campaign office.

Warren, a Democrat, opened her office on the block, at 166 Spring Street. 

Her opponent, Republican US Senator Scott Brown, opened up his campaign office in West Roxbury several weeks ago at 100 Spring Street. Check out some making calls a couple of weeks ago.

So yes, Brown and Warren have offices mere yards away from each other, ready to square off on how many calls they can make in an hour, flyers they can drop, donations they can earn - which is wonderful. Seeing a competitive election race is what we want, and what we need to keep a strong democracy thriving. Competition is good. 

What is bad though is what supporters on both sides have told me what has happened to them. One supporter told me that many people yelled obscenities and gave them the middle finger while they were standing out for Elizabeth Warren, especially while their numbers were thin. The same has been yelled at, and shown, to Brown supporters. 

Cowardly acts done by people in moving vehicles. 

This is not acceptable behavior. This is not acceptable behavior for any American, regardless of party association. If you're driving a car you're supposed to be a responsible adult. 

If you are a person who shouts obscenities and presents middle fingers to people exercising their right to free speech - you really need to park that car, find a mirror, and look in it. Try to think of life like a sixth grade classroom - what is acceptable there (feel free to imagine knucklesmacking nuns) - is acceptable in real life. If you think that exercising your right to free speech includes yelling curses at people while driving and giving the bird, you should try doing that in front of a cop, and see how that goes. 

You could also try yelling out things other than curses or showing the middle finger, although it's probably best to pay attention to the road. Maybe yell out - "I THINK ELIZABETH WARREN IS GOING TO RAISE TAXES!" or "US SENATOR WALL STREET SCOTT BROWN" - but you really need to keep your yelling phrases short and curt while driving (unless you're stopped at a light, which could just be very uncomfortable to sit there after yelling).

Also, if you feel so strongly for or against US Sen. Scott Brown or candidate Elizabeth Warren, or any other candidate for that matter, then maybe it would be best to get involved with one of their campaigns? 

Republican US Sen. Scott Brown's main Boston branch office can be reached at 857-263-8346, or walk into their campaign office at 100 Spring St., West Roxbury. 

Democratic US Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren's West Roxbury branch office can be reached at 617-960-6609, or walk into their office at 160 Spring St., West Roxbury.

Stephen Smith August 31, 2012 at 11:11 AM
I remember doing a standout for David Donnelly when he was running for state rep & someone driving by yelled out, Get A Real Job,,,Dave yelled back, I've got one, my wife thinks I'm crazy for wanting this one. I agree eyes on the road but if you are going to say something at least try to be original


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