Green Your Electricity: A New Option in Massachusetts

This environmentally friendly column is brought to you by West Roxbury Saves Energy, a community-based organization committed to spreading the word that individuals can make positive choices that save money as well as the planet.


If you are like us, you are always trying to find new and better ways to green your energy usage and save money at the same time. While the recent rash of thunderstorms may tempt you to send up a kite with a key on the tail, we really cannot recommend this method. However, lots of changes for the better are becoming available, from comprehensive ways to monitor our home electrical usage to the possibility for some of going "off the grid" entirely by using stand-alone systems or small-community mini-grids.

As of June 1, residents of West Roxbury (and the rest of the state) have an additional option for purchasing green energy. As you may know, we are able to choose from among a number of "suppliers" for our electricity (if you do not designate a supplier, this service defaults to the utility).

Separate from the company who delivers our service (NSTAR here in West Roxbury), the supplier determines the source of the electricity, and designating a supplier allows you to have some control over the source(s) of your electricity, how green it is, and what it costs you.

A goal for all of us should be to opt for as green and sustainable a source of our electricity as possible, and all the better if doing so saves us money. On Tuesday, July 24, WRSE will hold a program to introduce you to your newest green option, a company called Viridian that now offers Massachusetts residents the chance to sign up with them to supply your electricity.

Designating Viridian as your electricity supplier guarantees that a portion of your electricity comes from green energy: Viridian offers a 20 percent green energy plan and a 100 percent green energy plan.

Come to Restaurant at 7 pm on July 24 to hear Viridian, a self-described "socially responsible energy company," present ways to save money on your  monthly electric bill and help the environment with green energy.

Based in Connecticut, Viridian supplies electricity to residential and commercial customers through established electric utilities. If you designate Viridian as your supplier, NSTAR will continue to provide delivery, service, and billing but you will receive the Viridian supply rates—and the Viridian green power mix.

Find out more, ask questions, and nail down the details in order to determine if this green energy supplier choice is right for you: join us on July 24. We will be giving away free energy-efficient light bulbs to all who attend. See you in July!

Kimm Bonner June 30, 2012 at 11:58 AM
I can't. Be there on the 24th as I'm out of town. How do I get in touch with the company. Directly to find out how to switch and the cost comparisons?
cher June 30, 2012 at 12:03 PM
Mary Mulvey Jacobson June 30, 2012 at 01:12 PM
Feel free to contact me as I am an associate with Viridian. I would be delighted to discuss this with you. This is Mary Mulvey Jacobson and I can be contacted on this at MLMJ75@aol.com


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