Increasing Business While Preserving Attleboro's Neighborhoods

Attleboro resident Ellen Parker hopes Industrial Business Park remains a place for low-traffic business.

I was rather surprised at the answer to a question posed to Attleboro City Council candidate Richard Conti at the forum a couple of weeks ago.

He suggested that one solution to the on Ides Hill was to rezone it to general business, which is a smaller implementation of commercial zoning. I am not exactly sure what he is thinking, or perhaps he has forgotten the whole reason why the city embarked on an Industrial Business Park. It was not to create more fast-food chains and mini-malls.

I personally feel that it is not the place to invite businesses such as a , , and other small retail stores with heavy traffic. I had thought the concept of the IBP Park was to draw low traffic businesses that would help re-build our industrial tax base, give small businesses a place to expand, and provide good jobs for our citizens.

Rezone it and you are inviting heavy traffic down Rt. 123 and County Street, as well as the whole Ides Hill neighborhood. You will soon need additional traffic lights and a widened road. We don’t want County Street or even Commerce Way to look like Route 1 or Pleasant Street.

I have always been concerned about the preservation of our neighborhoods as we move forward as a city. This is something that is heavily addressed in the new Comprehensive Plan. The directive and goal is to try to maintain and preserve the character of exiting established neighborhoods while continuing to grow as a city.

I am personally hoping that the are dealing with can lead to a solution to the park that will bring business and quality jobs to Attleboro. I hope Mr. Conti will rethink his idea on this matter.

Eddie Porreca October 05, 2011 at 02:41 AM
Shannon, how about the old hardware store on Bank Street or the the building across from the Sun Chronicle, Is there empty space next to the dollar store on Pleasant Street? How big is a Traders Joe? Usually pretty small. I wonder if block grant money would be available. A trader joes would be great. How about South Main and Wall Street where the old barn is? What are the plans with that area? There are possibilities. Are there other small boutique style grocery stores like Trader Joes? I like it! I would love to see a Whole Food in the old SA shaws space.
Deb Gould October 05, 2011 at 03:47 AM
A Whole Food's store would be a great addition to the city! It would be great to not have to travel to Bellingham or Providence.
Bert Buckley October 05, 2011 at 01:17 PM
Eddie - you're on fire, and I love the suggestions. I see all of the ideas with what we "can" do, I just think we need to change "how" we do it. Being business friendly, and to advocate for business - means to CHANGE the way government works with business in this community. I love the idea Deb - and my wife would agree with you. Shannon, the community development office at City Hall would be my first stop - see what they have in regards to "help". Also, the Small Business Association can give you some ideas - google them - and last, but not least - our own Chamber of Commerce on Union Street will help. They've always been helpful to me with my business - and I am sure they could steer you in the right direction. If not, contact me, I will help. www.buckleyforcouncil.com Bert Buckley Candidate for Council at Large
Shannon Johnson October 06, 2011 at 01:18 AM
Great info - thanks!
Roxanne Houghton October 06, 2011 at 10:37 PM
Best idea yet, Deb!


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