True Story: A Real Mother's Day Breakfast

Why have plain old breakfast in bed when you can have breakfast in bed with your rambunctious toddlers instead?

Another has come and gone. And this year it had me thinking about breakfast.

What is it about this holiday and breakfast or that seems to go together so well? We moms must really like us some breakfast. 

Maybe it’s because we so rarely get to sit down and enjoy a nice balanced breakfast. Mother’s Day is an extra special day where you are much more likely to get one, preferably cooked by someone else.

This year, I was treated to the ultimate in Mother’s Day celebrations – sleeping in and breakfast in bed.

It made me think fondly of the many times my father would help my brothers and me in making breakfast in bed for our mom. I loved finding that bed tray that probably only got used one time a year and laying everything out. 

We would pluck some flowers and put them in a tiny vase, sign and seal our cards, and make sure we remembered even the little details like salt and pepper for the eggs, some jelly for the toast, a napkin, the Sunday paper. 

It was with nostalgia that I realized I had now come full-circle. The tables were turned and I was now the mom being treated to breakfast in bed.

I heard the stomping and patters of little feet climbing the stairs before they all burst into the room, Lily proudly shouting, “Happy Mother’s Day, Mommy!” and Jack repeating his dreamy coos of  “Mama! Mama!” with arms outstretched until I scooped him up into bed with me.

It was not long before the monkeys were jumping on the bed and giggling while I tried to keep the tray upright. My husband had thoughtfully put my juice in one of the kid’s sippy cups “so you don’t spill it.” Good foresight on that one.

I settled in to relax and enjoy this one special day a year where I could possibly get a pass on not lifting a finger, or changing a diaper.

But first, while luxuriating in the spectacular novelty of my own Mother's Day breakfast in bed, it became clear this would not be a peaceful or relaxing start to the day.

Instead, the kids wanted to stay in bed with me while I ate.

Before long, there were crumbs on the sheets and butter in Jack’s hair. I think someone scarfed my bacon. But really, I didn’t mind. This is my life, why should Mother’s Day be any different?

The most important part was that there was love and laughter in that room.

I enjoyed my nice Mother’s Day breakfast with a game of hide-and-seek going on under the blankets at my feet. There was lots of jumping and wiggling on their part and a few frantic dives to save Jack from tumbling off the bed on my part, all while keeping one hand on my iced coffee.

Did I mention my dog was in bed as well, surely hoping for an errant breakfast morsel to be tossed her way?

The scene gives renewed meaning to “Family Circus,” as I envisioned myself the matriarch of the family so much like the one in that classic comic strip with little ones bouncing about with boundless energy. 

The scene may have been different from the breakfasts in my wildest Mother's Day fantasy where I wake up fresh-faced with sunshine streaming in through open windows, and the sound of waves rolling onto the sand. (I told you it was a fantasy, we don't live near the beach either.)

Why have just plain old breakfast in bed when you can have breakfast in bed with your kids?

As long as someone else makes me the breakfast, and I can get away for some of that peace and relaxation later, I’m game.

Vanessa McManus May 10, 2011 at 07:54 PM
Thanks Christine!
Vanessa McManus May 10, 2011 at 07:54 PM
Sue Walters May 11, 2011 at 04:30 AM
It was breakfast in bed made by my 9 year old. Yogurt in the upside down plastic Red Sox baseball cap. A card with $10 in it from his own money stash! Then we proceeded to church, he on his scooter and me on my bike. The true blessing was when a blue truck made an emergency stop after my son jetted out to the road even after he looked both ways. I was happy that the driver of this truck was alert and on his game!
Vanessa McManus May 13, 2011 at 02:19 AM
He gave you money from his own stash? That is the sweetest thing! Thank goodness the truck driver was alert as well.
Katherine McManus Hawkins May 24, 2011 at 05:16 AM
Hello Vanessa! i was treated to a memorable Mother's Day this year. My daughter Debbie and my step-daughter Trisha flew from Providence to Tampa to spend some time with me. Deb was only staying 4 days, Trisha 2 weeks. I was "kidnapped" by Debbie, on Sunday morning, and brought to Massage Envy headquarters. After an extremely relaxing Swedish massage, i was spirited away to Panera for a light lunch and some Mom/Daughter time. Then on to the matinee at local movie theatre! We returned home to pick up hubby & Trisha and proceeded to dine at a local restaurant.. Prime Rib with all the fixin's! (even a smooth, ice cold cocktail!!)My special day ended with me being surrounded by the people i love - all cuddled up on the sectional - totally relaxed. It was a perfect day.


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