An Animal Incident at Hynes Playground that Was More of a Human Incident

A not-so-vicious dog, barbed words and a reminder from Boston Police that parks close at dusk.


Boston Police were called to Hynes Playground for a radio call of a vicious dog that ended up being not-so-vicious.

Upon arrival on Nov. 25 around 7:56 p.m., officers spoke with a married couple who said they were walking in the park when a dog ran at them and "attacked" them. But the duo denied injury, and stated the dog never bit them or made contact, according to a Boston Police report.

The husband said that when he spoke to the owner of the dog, the canine's owner called the man a "bastard." The man said he wanted to file a complaint with Boston Police.

An officer spoke with the dog's owner who said his shepherd/hound mix puppy was on a leash but pulled away from him when it got excited to see another dog. He said his puppy did run towards the married couple, but that at no time did the puppy bite or make contact with anyone. The dog had its proper tags on its collar, said police. The man was advised to make reasonable efforts to control his dog in the presence of others.

And all parties were advised that Hynes Playground and park is closed from dusk until dawn.


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