'Apple Picking' Incidents at West Roxbury Education Complex

The following article is based on a Boston Police report.


The term is "apple picking" - when an iPhone gets stolen, and phone thefts are happening so much it's raised crime statistics

A Boston Police detective was investigating a separate robbery incident at the West Roxbury Education Complex on Feb. 2 around 11 a.m., when another robbery victim, a student, spoke with him about being "apple picked" the previous day. 

The student said he was in a classroom speaking with a teacher, and left his iPhone on his desk, which was stolen, according to a Boston Police report. The victim said two female students were in the classroom and left immediately prior to the victim's meeting with the teacher ended. The victim told police that one of his friends also had a phone stolen from him that same day.

The victim activated the "Find My iPhone" application, but had yet to show its current location.


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