Emergency Generator Causes Smoke at Hebrew Rehab Center

No fire, no one hurt, but smoky conditions caused BFD personnel to visit scene.

An electrical power outage caused smoky conditions at the Hebrew Rehabilitation Center shortly after 5 p.m. today. 

 Spokesperson Steve MacDonald said there was no fire, but smoke was showing. He said no one was evacuated. 

"NSTAR was having transformer issues in the neighborhood out on Centre Street. What happened is some people lost power in the neighborhood," said MacDonald.

NSTAR personnel provided information about the power outage.

"NSTAR was having power issues," said MacDonald. "When the Hebrew Rehab emergency generator kicked on, it created smoke."

MacDonald said that NSTAR officials and firefighters were able to do some quick maneuvers to switch back to the regular generator and the smoking ceased.

Stephen Walsh contributed to this article.


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