Drivers OK after Boston Police Vehicle Involved in Accident on VFW Parkway

The following information is provided by the Boston Police Department.


No one was hurt in an accident on the VFW Parkway after a Boston Police detective rearended another vehicle after needing to stop short.

On Nov. 30 around 4:50 p.m., a Boston Police Drug Control Unit detective was approaching the Baker Street and VFW Parkway intersection when the driver of a 2013 Jeep Wrangler came to an abrupt stop.

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The detective said he did not have the opportunity to stop in time, hitting the jeep, according to a Boston Police report.

After identifying himself as BPD detective the two drivers examined the damages. The detective told the other driver it was procedure to notify operations and conduct an investigation, as well as photograph the damages. The driver said she could not wait because she was late for a doctor's appointment. The drivers exchanged paperwork. 

The Boston Police car received front end damage and the jeep sustained scratches to the rear bumper, and both vehicles were still operable. 


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