Fined Pit Bull Owner Says Unknown Person Unleashed Dog from Property

Boston Police were called to Washington Street for a report of a loose pit bull running free - and found the pit bull by Desoto Road. Boston pit bull legislation remains in effect until Nov. 2.


Boston Police fined a West Roxbury resident for having an unlicensed, unleashed, unvaccinated and unmuzzled pit bull on Washington Street on Oct. 10. But the owner of the dog said someone opened his residence's door, allowing the pit bull to take off and be found several blocks away by police.

Around 2:10 p.m. Boston Police responded to a call for a pit bull running free in the area of 5086 Washington Street in West Roxbury.

Do you think Boston should have pit bull specific laws?

An officer found the dog at Desoto Road and Washington Street, and it was unleashed, unmuzzled and did not have a license on the canine's collar, according to a Boston Police report.

The officer spoke to a man who identified himself as the caller, and alleged it was the second time in a week the dog got loose and tried to bite him. The man was not bitten.

Police were then approached by a woman who said the dog was hers, and then the woman's son said he was actually the dog's owner for two years. The man alleged that around 2 p.m. an unknown male, who he provided a description of, opened his unlocked door in the rear of 4983 Washington Street, then ran down Washington Street after seeing the dog and the man's mother. The woman was not able to provide any more info about the man who opened their home's door.

An officer issued the owner of the dog a city ordinance violations for having an unleashed, unlicensed, unvaccinated and unmuzzled pit bull.

The city ordinance violations for pit bulls remain in effect until Nov. 2, at which time a new animal welfare law will void all breed specific legislation, and thus supercede Boston's pit bull laws.


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