Man Charged with Stealing Adult DVDs, Alcohol, Hair Dryer from West Roxbury Home

The following article is based on a Boston Police report, and where charges are mentioned it does not indicate a conviction.


Boston Police charged a Boston man with allegedly stealing adult DVDs, cologne, alcohol and a hair dryer from a West Roxbury man.

On Dec. 30, around 5 a.m., Marcus Jackson, of 16 Brookline St. #1603, Boston, was arrested and charged with armed robbery, and receiving or concealing stolen goods. 

Upon arrival officers spoke with the victim who was walking towards officers on Morrell Street. The man told police that he had tried to remove two men who had been invited to his house for the purpose of having sex after meeting them on craigslist, according to a Boston Police report. The victim told police he had picked up the suspect at Forest Hills T-station with "the intent to engage in sex." The victim told police the second suspect, only known to him, arrived at his home via taxi, also for the purpose of having sex. 

The victim said he engaged in sex with the first man before the arrival of the second, but an argument ensued and he asked both suspects to leave. But the suspects refused with one of them allegedly saying, "Where you going to get a gun? If you get a gun, I'll get my knife and stab you." The victim told police he was scared to leave due to the suspect threatening him. The victim said his cellphone was taken by the suspects, and one suspect demanded $50 for return of the phone, according to a Boston Police report. The victim said the suspects went around the apartment opening drawers and cabinets. The victim said he hid in his closet and then was able to flee, flagged down a vehicle and borrowed the cellphone of the driver to call 911.

Police located one of the suspects, Jackson, running in the rear of residences in the area of Morrell Street and Laurie Avenue. The suspect allegedly said he was coming from a friend's house and was running after the other suspect, who he didn't know, who stole from the victim, according to a Boston Police report. The suspect was holding his waistband and was irate towards officers, and refused to remove his hands from his waistband several times. Officers conducted a pat-frisk of the suspect and found a hair dryer tucked in the front left side of his pants with the cord tucked into his front left pocket. The suspect said he was invted over to the home, but didn't know the other suspect. He was taken to the scene and the victim identified him as the person he wanted to leave his home.

Further search of the suspect revealed he had allegedly stolen several bottles of alcohol, a bottle of cologne, a wine glass, a shot glass, and 20 adult DVDs. Two additional adult DVDs were found in the suspect's front pockets, according to a Boston Police report. The victim identified all of the items as his. 

The second suspect could not be found.

Elizabeth A. Doris-Gustin January 03, 2013 at 06:20 PM
So, a hair dryer, bottles of alcohol, a bottle of cologne, a wine glass, a shot glass, and 20 adult DVDs was the fellow wearing clown pants?
Michael Murphy January 08, 2013 at 09:02 PM
This may be the best article I have ever read. Glad the adventurous porn addict was able to find the police before they came back for the curling iron.


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