Man Who Allegedly Crashed into Beethoven School Wooded Area Cited for Negligent Operation

On MLK Jr. Day, after a two-car accident on Washington Street, the cited driver allegedly drove through a fence at the rear of the school. The following article is based on a Boston Police report, and charges do not indicate a conviction.


A driver who allegedly drove through a fence at the Beethoven School on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, landing in a wooded area, was issued a citation for negligent operation of a motor vehicle.

The driver was not arrested, so his name has not been released. A criminal complaint has been filled out and forwarded to the West Roxbury District Court.

Boston Police responded to the Beethoven School around 1:14 p.m. and saw two vehicles at the school, according to a Boston Police report. One vehicle was parked inside the school's parking lot. the second vehicle was in the wooded area behind the school approximately 200 feet from the entrance way. There were no children present because it was a holiday, but ordinarily on a Monday there would be children in the location.

Boston Fire Engine 55 and Ladder 25 were on scene, as were Boston EMTs, attempting to extricate the driver from the vehicle in the wooded area, according to a Boston Police report.

Officers noted the driver had driven from a two-car accident on Washington Street, into the school's entrance, down the 200 feet on the righthand of the school. Then drove through a fence in the rear of the school, went about 25 feet, hit multiple trees, tree stumps and brush before coming to a stop. The driver and passenger of the other vehicle told police they were allegedly stopped at the light in front of the school when they were struck by the other vehicle. 

Both vehicles suffered extensive damage and needed to be towed from the scene. The driver cited allegedly told police he was driving towards Dedham when he "nodded off" and was awoken by the accident. He stated the vehicle is his mother's car and provided officers with her contact info. He was transported to Faulkner Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

While conducting an inventory search of the vehicle in the woods, police allegedly found three hypodermic needles inside the pocket of a black coat located on the driver's seat, according to a Boston Police report. 

The driver was issued a citation for negligent operation of a motor vehicle and leaving the scene with personal injury, according to a Boston Police report.


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