No Money Taken in Attempted Bank Robberies by Same Suspect in West Roxbury and Roslindale

The same suspect tried robbing the Mt. Washington Bank in West Roxbury and Bank of America in Roslindale Village yesterday.


Boston Police believe the same suspect may have tried to rob three Boston-area banks yesterday, one in West Roxbury, one in Roslindale, and another on Beacon Hill.

But at both bank robberies in the Parkway, the suspect was not successful in getting away with any money, according to Boston Police reports.

On Dec. 20 around 12:39 p.m. police got a call for an attempted bank robbery at Mt. Washington Bank in West Roxbury at 1985 Centre St. Police were told the suspect may have left fleeing on an MBTA bus, according to a Boston Police report. 

Around 12:59 p.m. police got another call for an attempted bank robbery in Roslindale at the Bank of America at 29 Corinth St. Police nearly missed the suspect this time, as tellers pointed to the rear door saying the suspect had just fled out the door. It is believed the suspect escaped by using an MBTA bus again.

Both times the same description and behavior was described of the suspect. A black female around 5' 6" wearing a wig over a scarf with rhinestones, and big dark sunglasses with dark clothing.

Both times the suspect handed a note to a teller, but did not say anything, even mumbled something at the Roslindale bank, according to a teller. Both times the suspect made motions like she had a weapon in her possession, but never produced one. At the Bank of America the teller asked the suspect to take off her glasses several times, a bank policy for all customers.

A similarly described suspect also allegedly attempted a bank robbery on Beacon Hill at a Sovereign Bank yesterday about two hours after the two Parkway attempted robberies.  The same suspect was also described for a Citizens Bank robbery in Milton on Monday.

Elizabeth A. Doris-Gustin December 22, 2012 at 04:58 PM
Fleeing on the MBTA bus? On Centre St.? During Christmas? Seriously, the best laugh of the day!


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