PD: DCF Nurse Threatened to Kill People at Work

Wallingford police arrested John Lesick Jr., a nurse on leave from the former Riverview Children's Hospital in Middletown, late last week.


A Wallingford man and psychiatric nurse at the former Riverview Children’s Hospital in Middletown is facing a felony threatening charge after police said he made a comment about killing people at his place of work.

John A. Lesick Jr., 43, of 34 Terrace Gardens, Wallingford was taken into custody on Feb. 21 just two days after police said he voiced the threat to a relative, referencing employer, the Albert J. Solnit Psychiatric Center South Campus in Middletown.

“The comment was about killing, in general,” said Lt. Marc Mikulski, Wallingford police spokesman, when asked whether the alleged threat was against any one person. “He never made an actual threat…. He never communicated a threat at the hospital.”       

Lesick made the comment on Feb. 19, and on Feb. 21, the relative contacted Middletown police, who in turn notified Wallingford police, Mikulski explained. Lesick was immediately arrested on a charge of first-degree threatening, which is a Class D felony, and a breach of peace.

Lesick has been out on administrative leave from the hospital since Dec. 3 after an unspecified incident involving a patient, Mikulski said.

 serves youth who are under the care of the state's Department of Children and Families. 

The hospital provides comprehensive care to children and adolescents with severe mental illness and related behavioral and emotional problems who cannot be safely assessed or treated in a less restrictive setting.

Reached for comment about the arrest, DCF Spokesman Josh Howroyd only said, “this matter concerns an on-going police investigation and therefore we are deferring from making any direct comments at this time.”

“DCF is fully cooperating with law enforcement and taking steps needed to provide for the safety and security of our clients and our employees,” Howroyd said.

When asked if Lesick was in possession of any materials, such as weapons, to carry out any threat, Mikulski said he was in possession of some older firearms he had inherited. He said Wallingford police seized all of those weapons.

Lesick was release after posting a $10,000 bond. He is scheduled to appear in  Meriden Superior Court in two weeks.

Phillip H Inkel February 26, 2013 at 12:28 PM
If this is the same John Lesick I know of employed by DCF I know that threatening is not the only felony crime he has engaged in. Reports of him writing false reports and committing perjury that were used in Child Protection proceedings were reported to the U.S Attorney, the U.S. District Court, The Connecticut State Police, The Chief State's attorney, The Connecticut Superior Court at Middletown, DCF itself and the only action any of them took was to turn a blind eye to it, cover it up, and issue a judicial gag order to me ordering me to not tell any one including the "Federal Authorities"... Wonder what else DCF and the police are covering up here "an unspecified incident involving a patient", "we are deferring from making any direct comments at this time" Buisiness as usual for DCF and The Connecticut State's Attorney..covering up or minimizing unlawful governmental conduct that subject citizens to harm and deprivations of protected rights. All guilty, among other things, of the providing of dishonest and violent governmental services.
Joseph A. Simpson March 01, 2013 at 11:27 PM
The "comment" was NOT "about killing in general". It was made against one specific individual. So why did the Wallingford policy department post only a $10,000 bond? Also one would wonder, are inherited older firearms no less dangerous. Wallingford PD blundered this and is trying to do damage control.
Andrew Jackson March 06, 2013 at 05:23 PM
I think this was a good catch. Who knows what this deranged individual is capable of. The fact that he is just openly going around talking about murdering someone is not a good sign. Early intervention here likely saved numerous lives.Phillip, I hope that is not your real name. Seems like you have a relationship with this person. Sharing your real name here while being negative against his clearly soured charachter should be done with care. - Andrew JRSmedical


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