Police Arrest Two in Alleged Prescription Pills Deal in West Roxbury

The following information is provided by the Boston Police Department and where charges are mentioned it does not indicate a conviction.


Undercover Boston Police Drug Control Unit officers arrested two men allegedly in the midst of conducting a drug deal that started in Roslindale, but ended poorly for the suspects in West Roxbury.

On Nov. 29 arond 8:16 p.m., Robert Clarke of 33 Highcrest Terrace, Roslindale, was arrested and charged with possession of class B and C substances; and Michael Dixon, of 94 Readville St. #2, Hyde Park, was arrested and charged with distribution of a class B and class C substance, as well as intent to distribute a class B substance. He was also issued a moving violation for failure to stop at a red light, and speed greater than reasonable.

While conducting surveillence in the CVS parking lot at 4600 Washington St., in Roslindale, police noticed the suspect, Clarke, a known drug user/offender, who police have arrested four times in the past year, according to a Boston Police report. The suspect was at the corner of the Burger King and appeared to be using his cellphone and looking around.

A short time later a Toyota vehicle pulled into the lot, beeped, and Clarke ran over and hopped into the front passenger seat. Pulling onto Washington Street towards Dedham, police began to tail the suspects, but had trouble due to the high rate of speed the suspect was driving. Officers caught up with the vehicle at the Grove and Washington street intersection in West Roxbury and saw the two supsects lean into each other towards the center console area, according to a Boston Police report. While concentrating on what they were doing, the driver did not see the green turning signal, and did not go through the light until the detectives beeped at the vehicle. The light turned red and then the suspect went through the intersection.

Police operated their lights and stopped the vehicle at the intersection of Grove and Jeshurun streets in West Robury. Both occupants were seen moving around in the vehicle, with one seemingly stuff an object in the center console, according to a Boston Police report.

Officers asked the occupants to exit the vehicle, which they did. During a pat-frisk police allegedly found five orange suboxone pills and three yellow Klonopin pills from the finger tips of a pair of gloves put between the seat. Police also found a small pill bottle in one of the suspect's pockets, containing orange pill fragments and $280. 


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