Police Called Twice to Loud Party After Threats at Carol Circle Home in West Roxbury

The following article is based on a Boston Police report.


Boston Police twice visited a Carol Circle residence for a loud party in West Roxbury that ended with threats of tires being flattened.

On Dec. 15 around 1 a.m., officers spoke with a renter at 8 Carol Circle who said he had some friends and family over for the holidays. The officer told the resident that the noise of the party was disturbing his neighbors, according to a Boston Police report. The man told police the party would quiet down.

Police were then called back again to the same location for a noisy party. Officers cleared out the apartment without incident and told the renter a police report would be generated. The renter told police he thought he knew which neighbor was reporting him, and that he was constantly being harassed by that neighbor, according to a Boston Police report.

Officers spoke to the resident about remaining diplomatic when dealing with neighbors while living in close spaces.

As officers were leaving, they were called again, and were told that an unknown male had stood outside the caller's door and threatened to flatten her tires. The caller said he/she did not know who made the threats.  

TeddyDidIt December 20, 2012 at 01:15 PM
We had a similar issue in my area of West Roxbury. Landlords renting to disrespectful tenants. The only solution is to continue to call the police and get the landlord fined until the landlord evicts the tenants. If you work hard to pay your mortgage and the house next door is full of partying renters trashing the neighborhood, it's very very frustrating. This is, after all, not Brighton.


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