Police Catch Muddy Thief in West Roxbury Backyard

Police were called to Garnett Road last night for a person lurking in driveways and looking into cars. Suspect told police he was in a backyard because he had to urinate.


Hopefully, there will be fewer car break-ins in West Roxbury after Boston Police caught a muddy Dorchester man with a GPS unit stolen from a Garnett Road vehicle.

According to BPDnews.com, Dennis J. Winslow, 47, of Dorchester, was arrested last night and charged with breaking and entering into a motor vehicle in the night, and receiving stolen property. 

officers responded to the area of 75 Garnett Road around midnight for reports of a suspicious person wearing all black walking up driveways and looking into cars.

Officers observed the silhouette of a person in the driveway of 79 Garnett Road, but the suspect quickly disappeared into the dark. While searching dark back yards police located a male dressed in black covered with mud in the back yard of 560 VFW Parkway.

Officers immediately noticed his pockets protruding with a GPS and a large amount of coins causing the pockets to droop. The suspect allegedly told officers he was in the backyard to urinate. He followed that up with with saying he had been dropped off in the area by a friend who gave him the items in his pocket.

Police spoke with the caller who reported seeing the suspect, with a flashlight, looking in car-to-car, and specifically rummaging through a car at 79 Garnett Road. Police determined the GPS in the suspect’s pocket had a home address of 79 Garnett Road. The residents were notified and positively identified the GPS.

After Winslow was arrested offficers seized a number of scratch tickets from the suspect, coins totaling more than $100, a watch, and an iPod.


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