Police Seize Guns, Ammo from Roslindale Garage Near Jamaica Plain

A search warrant led the Youth Violence Strike Force to seize boxes of ammo for different guns for a 357-magnum, Wolf 223, and more, on Thursday.

A search warrant at a Roslindale home led Boston Police to seize lots of guns, ammo and even an illegal motorcycle engine from a Seymour Street home.

The home isn't far down Hyde Park Avenue from Jamaica Plain.

On Thursday around 12:55 p.m., members of the Boston Police Youth Violence Strike Force executed a search warrant at 45 Seymour St., in Roslindale. After not receiving any answer, an officer breached the door of the garage and gained entrance without encountering an individual.

No one was arrested, but police spoke to the father of the property's owner, who provided police with his son's cell phone number.

The father of the property owner said the garage has been rented out to a man named Luis, but did not know his last name, but did provide a contact number to police.

Much of the items seized were in shoeboxes or suitcases. As a result of the search police seized the following, according to a Boston Police report:

  • DPMS Panther Arms 223 Mod A-15 Rifle with a 37mm Flare Launcher STZ Havoc
  • Black firearm butt stock
  • Intratec 9mm Luger Model Tec-9 Firearm with three magazines
  • Empty Black Protector Model 1403 Gun Box
  • Black XD Holster
  • Bladed wrist strap-on claw
  • Taurus 357 Magnum Tracker Revolver in Taurus Box
  • Springfield Armory XD9 Firearm
  • Ruger Super Black Hawk 44 Magnum Revolver
  • Lorcin Model L25 Firearm
  • Springfield Armory 9mm magazine with six rounds of WCC
  • 22 magazine
  • A 3D ammunition box containing 16 rounds of WCC
  • Various loose rounds: 3 Hornady 44 Rem Mag, 3 RP 44 Rem Mag, 1 RP 380 auto, 1 CCL 380 Auto, 5 various 22 rounds
  • A green MTM case containing 55 various rounds of ammo
  • Lellier & Bellot 357 Magnum Ammo Box containing 16 rounds of S&B 357 Magnum and 3 rounds of Win 9mm Luger
  • Black rifle case containing Russian American Armory Saiga 223 Rifle and 5 magazines
  • Small gray magazine with 13 rounds
  • Unopened Glock magazine
  • Glock magazine
  • Black mounting rifle grip
  • 4 holsters
  • 3 speed loasders
  • Gun cleaning kit
  • PB magazine
  • 3 boxes of Winchester 12 gauge containing 25 rounds each
  • 8 boxes of Federal 223 containing 20 rounds each
  • 5 boxes of PMC 223 containing 20 rounds each
  • 5 boxes of Wolf 223 containing 20 rounds each
  • A box of Fiocchi 357 magazine containing 50 rounds
  • A Magtech box containing 25 rounds of CBC 357 magazine and 25 rounds of CCI 357 Magnum
  • Box of Winchester 357 containing 23 rounds
  • Winchester box containing 25 rounds of WW 38Spl and 25 rounds of CCI 357 Magnum
  • 7 boxes of Aguila 22-caliber containing 50 rounds each
  • Remington UMC box containing 250 rounds of 40 S&W
  • Taurus plastic bag containing 22 rounds of 40-cal ammunition
  • A plastic bag containing various rounds of 14 Winchester 45 Auto, 21 RP 9mm Luger, 20 rounds Marked U
  • 15 rounds of RP 9mm Luger
  • Taurus trigger lock key
  • 160 rounds of various 223 

Officers also queried the motorcycles in the garage and determined a motorcycle engine to be stolen. Boston Police notified the Governors Auto Task Force.

William Dawes October 06, 2012 at 02:12 PM
All the more reason for law-abiding citizens to use their Second Amendment rights to the fullest extent possible. Owning a rifle or handgun legally, and responsibly possessing it, practicing with it, and becoming familiar with it ensures greater security for yourself and perhaps your neighbors. In a situation such as a severe emergency (i.e. like Katrina, or a Carrington Event where the electrical grid goes down, or hyperinflation) where the normal police resources are overwhelmed, how will you ensure the safety of your family? This story clearly demonstrates that those people inclined towards criminal activity have no intention of following the gun laws (the AR-15 type rifle above is illegal to possess within Boston City Limits). During an emergency scenario, if the police are overwhelmed by 911 calls, these individuals will have no restraints. And those unarmed will be sheep for them to prey upon. If at this point in the slow collapse of our economy, with the tensions building across a variety of societal pressure points, you can't imagine a scenario where the excrement hits the fan, so to speak, you are delusional. The Federal Government itself advises you to "Make a plan, and be prepared." Lawfully owned firearms are an integral part of one's personal security. Never forget that these criminal elements are always waiting, prepared, for the bulwarks of civil society to weaken, or to fall.
Ajax October 06, 2012 at 09:13 PM
When seconds count, the police will arrive in minutes.


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