Report: Man Keeps Throwing Cigarettes On Neighbor's Car

A West Roxbury resident called Boston Police due to an ongoing problem with a neighbor about the improper discarding of cigarettes.


A frustrated West Roxbury resident contacted Boston Police alleging that a neighbor has vandalized his car by continually throwing cigarrettes out onto the car from the apartment building.

On Nov. 15 around 11 a.m. at 1449 VFW Parkway, police spoke with the owner of the car who said it's been an ongoing problem with neighbors, and that he has spoken to the apartment building's management, too.

Police spoke with a smoking neighbor who showed police where he was storing cigarette butts after management spoke with him. Police were notified of another neighbor who also smokes, who is believed to have possibly discarded cigarettes improperly into the parking lot and hitting the car.


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