Rock Thrown Through Window of West Roxbury Library

Three teenagers were escorted out of the West Roxbury Library, and shortly later a rock was thrown through a library window.


A rock was thrown through a rear window of the West Roxbury Library's Children's Room on Dec. 14.

Boston Police spoke with a librarian around 5 p.m., who said that shortly before closing three teenagers had been escorted out of the library after receiving complaints about the teens disruptive behavior. 

Shortly after the three teens were asked to leave a rock was thrown through the double-pane window, valued at $500 or more, according to a Boston Police report. An officer also found a 23-ounce Arizona grapeade drink that appeared to be left there recently. 

Descriptions of the three teens was broadcast, and three teens fitting the descriptions were found on Chapin Avenue in West Roxbury. But no positive identification could be made due to no one seeing who threw the rock through the window. Police ran background checks on the three teenagers and then released them. 


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