Scituate Man Charged with Selling Weed in Hancock Village Parking Lot

The following information is provided by the Boston Police Department, and where charges are mentioned it does not indicate a conviction.


Boston Police arrested a Scituate man for allegedly selling marijuana in the parking lot of Hancock Village on the VFW Parkway.

On Nov. 5 around 11:12 a.m., Daniel Golden, of 79 Coloier Road, Scituate, was arrested and charged with possession of a class D drug, marijuana, with the intent to distribute.

Members of the District E-5/E-18 Drug Control Unit were conducting surveillance in the parking lot of Hancock Village at 683 VFW Parkway when they saw a vehicle with one passenger enter the parking lot, and then another man got into the vehicle. The driver then drove slowly through the parking lot and parked next to the police surveillence vehicle. An officer allegedly saw the suspect, who had gotten into the car, manipulating something in his lap, according to a Boston Police report.

The three individuals in the vehicle made eye-contact with the police, then looked panicked, with the suspect covering up something quickly, and then the driver took off from the parking spot. Believing this behavior was suspicious, and seemed similar to a drug deal, officers approached the vehicle and identified themselves as Boston Police.

An officer allegedly saw the suspect attempting to stuff an item under his seat, according to a Boston Police report. The officer opened the rear passenger door and saw a clear plastic bag containing a substance to be marijuana fall out of the vehicle and onto the ground. Police found one box of plastic sandwich bags in the rear passenger compartment.

The suspect said he wanted to cooperate with police, and alleged he was giving some marijuana to one of the occupants of the vehicle. An officer found an iPhone in the rear seat, and the suspect said it was his. The officer asked if he could look briefly through the iPhone, and the suspect said yes. The officer then allegedly found a text conversation regarding purchasing marijuana at Hancock Village for $30 and a free smoking of the product. 

Police also recovered $2,420 from the suspect's wallet.



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