The Latest Graffiti at West Roxbury Commuter Rail Station

The MBTA is in charge of removing graffiti from its property.


Tom F a.k.a. PracticaliTee tweeted the attached photo about recent graffiti at the West Roxbury Commuter Rail Station.

"@WestRoxPatch #WestRoxbury has a new Co-Op. We can't know what it's for but at-least we have one. Thank you to the local train station gang."

Let's hope West Roxbury doesn't have another gang (gag! cough! Fruits and Veggies!?!). 

Also, has anyone seen this "Co-Op" graffiti tag anywhere else in West Roxbury or the area? Leaving your calling card at the crime scene like The Wet Bandits isn't always the brightest thing...


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